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Jaylen Fryberg & Girlfriend Shilene George's Love Story

Jaylen Fryberg, 15 years old, had shot five students of Marysville-Pilchuck High School, who were actually his friends and two of them, his cousins. They were at the cafeteria when Jaylen walked in, pulled out a handgun and fired at the back of their heads while they were seated at a lunch table. One female died while four others were critically injured. Jaylen also shot and killed himself.

Based on interviews, we have gathered that Jaylen Fryberg recently broke up with his girlfriend. The girl happened to be Shilene George. Their love story is sort of an open book on Twitter. From there, we can somehow follow what went on with these young kids' love life. Was Shilene the reason why Jaylen was troubled, which led to the tragedy at school?

Jaylen Fryberg and Shilene George
Photo credit: Shilene George's Twitter

Jaylen Fryberg posted his last tweet on October 23, the day before he went berserk -

"It won't last.... It'll never last...."

On October 22, Shilene posted a series of tweets that clearly say that she was mad at something ... or someone that day ...

So f***ing pissed off!!!!!!!!!


On the same day, she also retweeted a post by @SnapchatProbbz. If Shilene agreed on it, was Jaylen flirting with other girls that got Shilene jealous and prompted her to break up with him?
Guys nowadays don't want girlfriends, just want a girl who acts like a girlfriend and is loyal to them while they mess with other females.

On October 21, Jaylen was telling Shilene,

"I should have listened.... You were right... The whole time you were right..."

That same day, Jaylen was heartbroken
Alright. You f***in got me.... That broke me

It breaks me... It actually does... I know it seems like I'm sweating it off... But I'm not.. And I never will be able to...

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On October 19, Jaylen was crowned as the school's Homecoming Prince

On October 17, Shilene retweeted a post by @JustTumblr which seemed to express what she felt at that moment. Was this when she had broken up with Jaylen? It seems at this point, some things have changed with regards to Jaylen and Shilene's relationship

I love you, but I hate you. I miss you, but I'm better off without you. I want you out of my life, but I never want to let you go.

On October 9, Shilene seemed to be missing Jaylen

I just wish I could have my bf hold me... So I can fall asleep at ease.. Can it please just be as easy as walking next door?

On October 7, Shilene seemed to be frustrated at her situation wherein she and Jaylen are not going to the same high school

Things would be way better if I could just go to the same highschool with my boyfriend

What could have happened on September 21 when Jaylen tweeted ...

I Hate Hearin Sh** Like That.. It Just Continues To F*** Me Up I Just Feel Stupid Now.. Exactly What I Thought Was Gonna Happen Happened..


I'm tired of this sh** I'm sooo f***ing done!!!

On September 19, Jaylen seemed jealous at Shilene for talking to someone else. And did he just say, "Our having a kid"? Did he mean Shilene got pregnant?

Soooo... Our having a kid. And trying to talk to someone else? Hahahaha. Your dumb. Oh!! And she's way younger then you? T'F wrong with you!

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His next posts were addressed to a close friend who may have been making a pass at Shilene

Did you forget she was my girlfriend?

Dude. She tells me everything. And now. I f***ing HATE you! Your no longer my "Brother"!

And their plan for the night did not push through ...
Night f***ing RUINED

On September 3, Jaylen and Shilene were still having sweet moments together

Went from cuddling in a queen size bed w/ @frybergj ... To sleeping in a queen size bed alone. yeaaaaah, f*** this. #iwannacuddle

On September 2, Shilene tweeted how she felt for Jaylen

My heart still beats fast for youuuu, All over & over agaaaaiinn,

On August 21, he wants to know "the plan"
"Tell me what your plan is.... You can't make a bond with anyone like the bond me and you have right now.... Tell me what your going to do..."

On August 20, Jaylen starts to threat someone
Your gonna piss me off... And then some sh**s gonna go down and I don't think you'll like it...

Your not gonna like what happens next‼️

On August 16, Shilene tweeted her love for Jaylen

I love you so much @frybergj

She also expressed how thankful she was for everything that he was doing for her
I can't thank my bf enough for being there for me. Holds me when I'm crying, wipes my tears away, does everything he can to make me laugh.

On August 13, Shilene was so in love

I've never been so in love....

On August 9, Jaylen and Shilene slept together

Waking up next to @frybergj is probably one of the best feelings in this entire world

GAMEPLAN: wake up before jaylen. Go upstairs. Watch a chick flick while he is asleep before he comes up here to play the game. #winning

On July 19, they were playing video games together


On July 8, Jaylen and Shilene held hands while sleeping


On July 2, they were "livetweeting" at 2:15 AM and Jaylen even said "love you babe" to Shilene.

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  1. Wow. Good sleuthing. For some reason I think there is more to why he felt the need to try and kill his best friends though. Thats the real story. Heartbreaking:(

  2. Thank you. You're right. The saddest thing is that we can no longer find out what really went on Jaylen's mind. We can only pray for his soul and that the rest of the victims survive.

  3. The saddest part is this probably wouldn't have happened if parents today acted like, you know, PARENTS! When I was 14 I had just stopped playing with Barbie! My friends and I weren't allowed makeup, or boyfriends, or to even go anywhere without somebody's parents always there! Now you have two 14 year old kids publicly tweeting about having sex, carrying on with all this social drama in front of hundreds of people on Twitter...These girls have slutty selfies plastered all over the internet. 14 year old children made up like hookers because the media has convinced them that is what they need to be. Parents, will you just put a stop to this nonsense? Your teenager doesn't need a cell phone- we didn't! You know why? Because we were always with parents and didn't need to call anyone! Take away the stupid phones, the Facebook and twitter and snap chat and whatever other crap they are into now. Be parents! If your kid is online, be supervising! If you think they are old enough to date, then chaperone them! None of this, none of this has to happen! This isn't about gun control- its about parenting. Parents who treat their children like children don't have to worry they are sleeping around with other children, getting them pregnant, letting volatile hormones and immature emotions drive them to do something drastic! Guns have been around a long time, and kids have handled guns responsibly a long time. Back when parents were parents. Society wants to point a finger...well point it at yourself. Society IS the problem. Not guns.

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  5. Great comment, 'Overthis'

  6. @ overthis. AGREED! Where are the parents? Oh yeah. They are too involved in their own lives or too concerned to be their kids friends.

    We are doomed if this is our future. doomed

  7. omg how old are you. im in my 60;s and i remember being devastated by break up when i was 14. like suicidally devastated. all kids go through this pain. it is intense pain. some kids dont handle things the way most would. i am sure his parents or friends told him to chill but why would they think he would do what he did. this is no ones fault. and as for cell phones etc. good lord, so what, progress, is peogress you cant do backwards and should learn to bend with the tines. i think the progress in electronics is amazing. i lived to see the first tv's to all these wonderful things we have now. i feel lucky to have lived to see all these amazing things

  8. Yes binkillicious you must be in your 60's..perhaps then you might know that 'bend with the times' is a laughable does have great aspects but it is also the death of truly valuable human interaction..these kids are not learning about real communication or interacting with much apathy and anti social are very wrong when you say this is no one's fault..this kid's twitter timeline was a massive red flag and where were his true friends, family? How could anyone who cared about him obviously reading his tweets NOT try and help this kid..i am sick of mental health issues being blamed when there is no indication he had was impulsive anger stemming from rejection and that is no reason to do what he did..his father introducing him to guns and giving them to him at an early age was not responsible parenting and i could care less if it was in their 'culture' to do so..many of his family members are very involved in social media and seemingly so involved in their own lives they some how did not notice how messed up this kid was and it was public on his twitterfeed for months..

  9. […] Social Studies teacher at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, who is credited for stopping gunman Jaylen Fryberg from shooting more people when he fired bullets across the school cafeteria on Friday, October 24. […]

  10. […] Going through Jaylen’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, there does not seem to have anything that suggests a possible motive why he had done such a violent and desperate act. The only “serious problem” or heartache that Jaylen may have recently experienced was his breakup with Shilene. […]

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  12. I guess in a country where I'm in, not all of the kids were allowed to have boyfriends or girlfriends when we were in High School. We're not allowed to go home at 10, we have curfews---albeit until 8. I used to think my parents are too protective of me, but I appreciate that now. I appreciate the fact that they were just fighting for my right to be a kid. I was and I wasn't supposed to be subject to sex, romantic relationships, and all of those things.

    I'd probably do the same to my kids and I'll be firm and clear with it.

    While I admire how positive the community has responded, I also wonder how his family, his girlfriend will come to terms with the aftermath in the later years...

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