Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sarah Geronimo Melts at Piolo Pascual's Gaze (VIDEO)

Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual are together in the upcoming movie "The Breakup Playlist." Sarah has been very vocal in saying that she has always been mesmerized by her leading man. The video below, released by Star Cinema, proves that Sarah has not yet overcome her "schoolgirl crush" on Piolo. She simply could not stand the ultimate heartthrob's stare.

This very short teaser of The Breakup Playlist is just too cute to ignore. It somehow gives us a hint that the movie is another potential blockbuster hit for both Sarah and Piolo, who are both established box office superstars.

Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual in The Breakup Playlist
Photo credit: Youtube / ABS-CBN Star Cinema (screen grab)

Although everyone knows that Sarah is very much in love with her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, the good chemistry and "kilig" factor between her and Piolo is undeniable.

Sarah Geronimo Can't Stand Piolo Pascual's Gaze on this teaser BTS of The Breakup Playlist

Sarah Geronimo's role in The Breakup Playlist

Sarah is Trixie, an aspiring singer who will collaborate with a professional rockstar (Piolo) to create a new song. Along the way, the two fall in love and a romantic relationship develops.

The Breakup Playlist is directed by Dan Villegas, who also helmed the 2014 MMFF 2nd Best Picture awardee, "English Only, Please".

Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual during Movie's Story Conference

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