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Maja Salvador Hints Gerald Initiated Breakup

Maja Salvador did not want to go into details, but based on her interview, see seemed to hint that her breakup with Gerald Anderson was not a mutual decision.

Maja was interviewed by the press during the launching of her second album titled "Maja In Love." It was held at the Magnolia Residences Tower, Quezon City, last May 14, Thursday.

Maja Salvador
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Throughout the interview, the star of the hit Kapamilya series, "Bridges of Love" had a sweet way of avoiding an intriguing question. Many times, she would say "I love you" whenever she hesitated to expound on a particular issue. Maja explained that she prefers to focus on the many projects coming her way.

Maja Salvador interviewed by press regarding breakup with Gerald Anderson

"Whatever his reason was ... whatever he was going through ..." These seem to insinuate that it was Gerald who had a reason to breakup with Maja. He was going through something that had interfered with his relationship with her.

When asked bluntly if it was a mutual decision, Maja obviously refused to answer.

She said she was able to move on because she values the two years (with Gerald), and during those two years, love was definitely present. She just had to accept, though, that their journey towards that love had already ended.

Maja also refused to comment if she is still good friends with Gerald. We can recall that during the first time that he admitted about the breakup, Gerald said that he and Maja are in very good terms. He said they are talking , and that they "are doing this (decision) together." Maja just probably did not like to contradict what Gerald had already said. For this, we admire her. Ás James Ingram's song, "There's No Easy Way (to Break Somebody's Heart)" says, "she acted like a lady 'til the end."

Maja Salvador After Breakup with Gerald Anderson

Excerpts from Maja Salvador's second album "IN LOVE"

Bakit Ganito Ang Pag-ibig (Official Lyric Video) - a cut from the album

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