Sunday, July 26, 2015

WATCH Camille Prats & VJ Yambao's Wedding Proposal Video

Camille Prats had no idea that it was going to be the night when VJ Yambao, her boyfriend of 2 years, would ask her to be his wife.

It happened on July 18 at Nayomi Sanctuary Resort in Batangas, a private place owned by the Prats family. Camille only knew that they were going to have dinner, but when she got there, something was quite different.

Camille Prats and VJ Yambao Engaged to be Married
Photo credit: Camille Prats

It looked like all the people who are close to her were there ... her parents, her sister, her brother John Prats and his wife, Isabel Oli, her Mars co-host and friend, Suzi Entrata-Abrera with husband Paolo Abrera, and many more.

Camille did not know that VJ had connived with John and the whole family, to plan for this grand engagement. Prior to this day, VJ had already asked for her parents' blessing.

After she got off the car, her son, Nathan guided her to a long aisle that led to a special chair set-up for her in front of a big screen. While walking, she was asking Nathan, what was going on, and he said, "‘Mommy, just trust me. Just follow me."

Camille Prats & VJ Yambao's Wedding Proposal
- How It Happened

She sat on the chair, then, the video started playing, showing pictures of her and VJ when they were still kids. Slowly, she started to realize what was actually happening.

It was after the video ended when VJ went down on his knees and popped the magic question. Of course, Camille answered YES.

VJ and Camille's wedding won't happen until 2017, but as early as now, they are already starting the preparations, bit by bit. Camille said she was surprised how VJ was able to convince her parents, who are very protective of her. They know how hurt she was when her first husband, Anthony Linsangan, passed away in 2011. It just makes her happy, that they approve of VJ's proposal.

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