Saturday, August 1, 2015

Donita Rose Reconciles with Husband

Rumors about the failing marriage of Donita Rose and husband Eric Villarama came out around April this year. There were even speculations that a third party may have been involved, but Donita said that she did not know about it and appealed to the media to first let her figure it out.

Donita did not deny that she and Eric were going through one of the most trying times in their 12-year marriage. However, she said that she was still hoping that things will work out.

Donita Rose and Eric Villarama
Photo credit: Flickr / The 700 Club Asia

Last Sunday, July 26, during the Kapuso Grand Fans Day held at the Mall of Asia Arena, Donita Rose confirmed that she and Eric have decided to reconcile. She even said that they were almost about to sign their divorce papers and what happened next was, to her, a miracle.

Donita Rose and husband Eric almost signed divorce papers

Talking to, Donita said, "I still love him and I realized, if I love someone with all my heart, I need to humble myself... Kahit sabihin mong kasalanan niya, kasalanan ko, it doesn’t matter. We both need to humble ourselves."

She added that now, they talk a few times a day on Facetime, and they are planning to finally, once and for all, get back together, and live in the same country, unlike before where one of them had to travel back and forth just to see each other.

Eric is based in San Diego, California, while Donita and her son, JP, are residing here in the Philippines. The former MTV VJ is currently a GMA Network talent, and is included in the cast of the primetime TV series "Let the Love Begin."

Donita Rose prayed to the Lord for a sign before she put her signature on the [divorce] papers. She also asked Eric to talk to their pastor first, and if he had decided to say goodbye, she would sign the papers on June 9th, which was their wedding anniversary.

Donita continued to narrate that Eric was able to talk to their pastor on June 6, then on the 7th, he called her, crying, with a new realization "Why would we sign divorce papers? This is stupid…"

Donita clarified that the reconciliation is not only for the sake of their son, because that should not be the reason for married couples to stay together. She said she and Eric are still in love with each other and they are both willing to forgive. After those 3 months of trials (from April till now), they are happier and taking everything one step at a time.

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