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The Love Affair Starring Bea, Richard & Dawn: 2015's Biggest Romance Movie

The Love Affair, formerly with the working title, Crossroads, is an upcoming movie from Star Cinema, set to be released on August 12 2015. It stars the formidable love team of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, together with one of the biggest stars of her generation, Bea Alonzo. The Love Affair marks Bea's first time to work with Richard and Dawn.

Nuel Crisostomo Naval takes the helm of The Love Affair, which, initially, tried to avoid being labelled as "another mistress story." Director Naval is credited for the 2012 box office hit A Secret Affair, the 2010 top-rating Kapamilya TV series, Magkaribal and some memorable episodes of the longest running drama anthology on TV, Maalaala Mo Kaya.

The Love Affair starring Bea Alonzo Richard Gomez Dawn Zulueta
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Also included in the cast are Jane Oineza, Grae Fernandez, Manolo Pedrosa, Alex Vincent Medina, Ina Feleo, Eda Nolan. Kim Molina and Victor Silayan. Although the movie is sure to revolve around the "love triangle" plot, the lead stars clarified that it will not be like previous infidelity films that seemed to have dominated the country's big screen during the past several years. (That was probably before the script was revised. It is interesting to see the final story.)

Careful not to divulge too much about the story, Bea roughly narrated her character during the movie's first story conference held in October 2014.

Official Cinema Trailer of The Love Affair

Bea Alonzo's Character and the original story
It seems that there had been a major revision done on the story between now and when it was first conceptualized. Originally, Adie (Bea's character) is a lawyer who is engaged to a politician. She later breaks up with her fiance after getting fed up with a relationship where she always have to take the backseat, and can never be the first priority. Recovering from the breakup, she tries to focus more on herself by going into sports like sailing. This is where she meets Richard Gomez' character.

The Revision
If we watch the trailer now, Adie is still a lawyer, but the story about her politician boyfriend seems to have been changed. Instead, she finds out that her boyfriend (played by Tom Rodriguez) is with another woman, through a video on his cellphone. Adie is devastated. Later on, she meets Vince (Richard Gomez) who is seeking to have his marriage annulled because his wife, Tricia (Dawn Zulueta) was cheating on him. The "sailing" part is still there, though, and becomes an outlet for both the brokenhearted Vince and Adie. Having a common situation, they call themselves "Team Sawi." As they spend time together, the vulnerable Vince and Adie soon find themselves falling in love with each other. This makes everything even more complicated.

Richard-Dawn Reunion Movie
It was reported that "The Trial" starring John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto, Enrique Gil and Jessy Mendiola, would have been the love team's reunion movie, had Dawn accepted the offer. Her refusal stemmed from the feeling that the movie was not the right vehicle for their love team's comeback to the big screen. For The Love Affair, it was the opposite, because the moment she read the script, she knew right away that it was the project that their fans would surely love.

More about The Love Affair

According to Dawn Zulueta, the movie will tackle different struggles that people go through in life. It is about the lives of three people, how they are able to overcome their problems as they sometimes get obsessed with certain situations. As if to tease the Richard-Dawn fans, she added that the moviegoers will surely be surprised at the movie. She said, although it is not so profound, many people can certainly relate to the movie.

With the presence of the three big stars plus a bankable director, there is no doubt that The Love Affair is one of the most anticipated romance movies of 2015.

The Love Affair Uncut Trailer

Crossroads, now "The Love Affair" featured on TV Patrol

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