Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fake Photos of Marian & Dingdong's Baby Letizia Spread Online

Fans of Kapuso Primetime King and Queen Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are already very excited to see how their first-born, Maria Letizia Gracis Dantes, or "Baby Zia," looks like. Brand new daddy, Dingdong, had only uploaded a photo on Instagram, showing the cute little hand of his bundle of joy, who was born last November 23.

Close friends and relatives who have seen the royal baby are one in saying that she looks so much like her Mommy Marian.

Marian and Dingdong's Baby Letizia Fake Photos

Sadly, some fans are getting impatient about not seeing any full photo of Baby Zia, or perhaps, one that would at least show her face. Some had even started releasing fake photos of the baby.

UPDATE: New real photos of Marian and Dingdong's Baby are out!

This prompted the administrator of Marian Rivera's Facebook page to post an appeal to stop spreading the fake pictures, and to respect the couple's decision on when they would want to release Baby Zia's picture.

One fake photo showed up on my newsfeed. I tried to search on google and found out that an exact copy had already appeared on a Pakistan photo sharing site since 2013.

It's hard to imagine how some people can do such a thing. Let us just be happy for Dong and Marian for this wonderful blessing from God.

The only real photo, so far, of Marian and Dingdong's Baby Letizia

Baby Letizia Dantes Real Photo

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