Friday, December 4, 2015

LOOK: Angel Locsin in Singapore for Spine Surgery

Angel Locsin is now in Singapore undergoing surgery for the disc bulge in her spine.

Angel is keeping her fans updated on what is happening with her through her Instagram account, and has posted some photos taken from a hospital in Singapore.

Angel Locsin Before Undergoing Medical
Procedure in Singapore

Angel Locsin in Singapore for Spine Surgery
Photo credit: Angel Locsin's Instagram

Although Angel did not specify the exact medical treatment that she is receiving in Singapore on her Instagram post, her boyfriend, Luis Manzano had previously said that she was considering having surgery for her disc bulge.

So far, Angel is done with the first stage of the "procedure." She posted, "Photo taken earlier before the procedure :) I'm still a little bit groggy and sore but happy & thankful tapos na ang first stage of the procedure :) thank you all for the prayers! hoping this is it na"

Angel also thanked the nurses in the hospital saying, "Another photo before heading to lab with the Filipino nurses who took really good care of me :) thank you so much! Mabuhay kayo!❤️."

A few days ago, she said that she was already in Singapore, waiting for more tests in preparation for the procedure that was going to be done on her.

Angel Locsin with JD Ching in Singapore
Photo credit: Angel Locsin's Instagram

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