Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WATCH: Alden Richards Protects Maine Mendoza After Wild Fans Hurt Her

Alden Richards once again proved to Maine Mendoza (a.k.a. Yaya Dub) that he is the perfect gentleman. He is always ready to protect Maine, whether it is part of the script or not.

On Tuesday, December 15, during the "Sugod Bahay" segment on Eat Bulaga, fans were so thrilled to see Alden and Maine (AlDub) together. It was raining and Alden held the umbrella for both of them. While walking, Maine was even joking and greeted herself on air, saying, "... binabati ko nga pala yung sarili ko, hi Yaya Dub!", to which Alden quickly laughed." However, when the couple got nearer to the crowd, an over-excited fan went straight to Maine to kiss her. She was so fast and her abrupt movements seemed to have hit Maine. The Rogelios tried to control her, but that was when she had accidentally hurt Maine.

Alden comforts Maine after "hurting incident"

Just then, another eager fan approached them. This time, she went to kiss Alden. Again, as one of the bodyguards tried to pull this fan away, she seemed to have scratched Maine's face. Alden, as if, by instinct, held her cheek, then her head and wrapped her in his arms.

Watch How Alden Richards Shows
How He Takes Care of Maine Mendoza

There is no doubt that Alden truly cares for Maine. This incident is definitely not part of the script of Kalyeserye, and their actions were genuine. Although Maine obviously got hurt, she never showed she got angry. Alden, on his part, was very protective of his Yaya Dub. We know those fans did not mean to hurt their idols, but they should be more careful next time.

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