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Pia Wurtzbach Backs Up Steve Harvey, Disproves Missed Rehearsals Rumors

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Steve Harvey meet again after the Miss Universe hullabaloo last December. This time, she is a guest of Harvey on a special 2-part episode titled "Miss Universe: The Truth" on his daily talk show, named after himself, "Steve Harvey."

Pia Wurtzbach came out on stage while Steve was still answering questions from the audience, as part of the "Ask Steve" segment. One lady asked, "There are rumors out there that you were drinking, late at rehearsals or maybe skipping some. I mean, is that true or can you set the record straight here?"

Pia Wurthzbach shares stage with Steve Harvey on Miss Universe The Truth January 18 2016
Photo credit: Youtube / Steve Harvey (screen grab)

Steve, quickly denied those rumors and said that "there's not a person living on the face of this earth that can swear that they've ever seen Steve Harvey inebriated, drunk or high." He admitted, however, that he goes Vegas to gamble. He also said that he was "at every single rehearsal," dispelling the nasty rumor. He said attended the table read, the run-through on Friday and the 6:30 AM full dress rehearsal on Saturday.

It was at this point that he called on Pia Wurtzbach, saying that she can attest to what he was saying because she had been a witness to his presence on all the Miss Universe 2015 rehearsals, prior to the big night.

Watch: Pia Wurtzbach onstage with Steve Harvey,
backs him up and disproves 'missed rehearsals' rumors

Notice how confident and articulate Pia Wurtzbach is with the way she talks, moves and interacts with Steve and the audience.

Pia, certainly, did not disappoint Steve and the audience, because she strongly backed him up on what he had said earlier. She actually volunteered to answer the lady's question, without having to wait for Steve to tell her.

"Steve, I was listening backstage, and if I may, I'd like to answer that question about the rehearsals, cause I was there. I think I can vouch for this one. Steve was there throughout all the rehearsals. He was there during technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, even on the pageant day itself, when we had the dress rehearsals early in the morning. He was there all throughout. We rehearsed everything from start to finish. He made us feel very comfortable. We knew exactly how the show's gonna go, the flow was gonna go. So, I don't know where that rumor came from, but I can tell you this, that he was there throughout everything." This is actually a continuation of the episode, the first part of which, can be read here.

Here's proof that Steve Harvey was at the Miss Universe rehearsals. The video (starting at 0:55) caught a glimpse of the mock Q & A portion where Pia rehearsed with Steve answering the question, "If you were handed a million dollars, what are you going to do with it?" Since the Q & A portion would not happen until the latter part of the show, it is probably safe to assume that Steve Harvey, was indeed, present all throughout the rehearsals up to the very end.

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