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WATCH: Steve Harvey Says "Philippines Loves Me" on Miss Universe: The Truth 1

Steve Harvey finally lays down everything about the Miss Universe 2015 controversy through a 2-day event titled "Miss Universe: The Truth." Said event is a 2-part episode aired on January 18 and 19, and featured on the Steve Harvey TV Series, a 1-hour daily daytime talk show, produced by Endemol USA (makers of the Big Brother Franchise) and distributed by NBCUniversal.

We all know what happened during the Grand Coronation Night of the most prestigious international beauty pageant - the Miss Universe 2015. You're living in Pluto if you didn't know how Steve Harvey let the wrong winner (Miss Colombia) wear the crown only to lose face a few seconds later because that crown was soon taken away from her and put on the real winner (Miss Philippines.

Steve Harvey features "Miss Universe: The Truth"

Steve Harvey Says Philippines Loves Him on Miss Universe The Truth January 18 2016
Photo credit: Youtube / Steve Harvey (screen grab)

After that incident, Steve Harvey was on the headlines, became a top trending topic everywhere on the internet and a target of ridicule and all sorts of funny/sarcastic memes. Fans of Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia staged word wars against each other on social media. The two beauty queens also had their share of bashing and extreme criticisms from each other's camps.

Watch Steve Harvey saying the Philippines loves him
as he answers question from the audience

Through "Miss Universe: The Truth," Steve Harvey hopes to put a closure to all that has happened because of that one single mistake that made a very big impact on all involved, specifically him, Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach.

On the first part of the event, which had an "Ask Steve" segment,  Steve answered questions from the audience, most of which are tough ones. Someone asked, "... I know you've come out and you said that it wasn't a publicity stunt but it did bring a lot of attention to the show and as well as you. So what do you say to the people that don't believe that?"

For his answer, Steve Harvey laughed hard and in effect, said he couldn't do something like that to himself, especially when serious matters like people and paparazzi camping outside his house, and his family even getting death threats, are already involved. But the lighter side of it, was that people from other countries like Italy, Dubai and Malaysia wrote good things about him. Then, he mentioned ... "The Philippines love (sic) me," to which, the audience applauded.

Another lady from the audience asked "... So, we already know you took full fault for this whole Miss Universe thing, but do you think the producers take any responsibility? The best part of Steve's reply was when he said, "she (his wife Marjorie) put something on instagram that said 'I'm so proud of my husband.' That's all ... I needed that. While the world was making jokes and cracking, I just needed her to be okay with me."

Steve Harvey on wife Marjorie: "I just needed her to be okay with me"

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