Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Elisse Joson: I Did Not Two-Time Jerome (VIDEO)

Elisse Joson, during her guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda (TWBA) last Monday, August 8, clarified that she was never a two-timer.

Host Boy Abunda asked Elisse about the controversial conversation she had with her ex-boyfriend, Jerome Ponce inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house. Particularly, Boy was referring to the part where Jerome mentioned the time when Elisse went with another guy while she was still having a relationship with him. Elisse said, "If ever I dated someone else, wala na po kami nun."

Elisse Joson on Tonight With Boy Abunda
Photo credit: Youtube / ABS-CBN Entertainment (screen grab)

WATCH Elisse Joson on Tonight With Boy Abunda

Watch what Elisse Joson says about James Reid and Mccoy de Leon

Of course, Boy wouldn't let Elisse go without doing the Fast Talk

This is the conversation between Elisse Joson and Jerome Ponce that Boy Abunda was referring to.

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