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Enrique Gil Before and After, Gotta Hit the Gym

Enrique Gil probably needs to go back to the gym and trim down a little. Although he still looks gorgeous and could easily be one of the most handsome leading men in Philippine television today, it wouldn't hurt if he gets back that "to die for" body he had during "Forevermore" days.

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano
Forevermore Vs Dolce Amore

Enrique Gil Liza Soberano Forevermore Dolce Amore
Photo credit: ForevermoreABSCBN2 (facebook),

His fans say it's actually easy for him to get back in shape. Maybe just a few trips to the gym could do the trick. His super hectic schedule could be the reason why it has been hard for him to find time to hit the gym. With Dolce Amore now down to its last two weeks, maybe Enrique can already set aside time to work out again and get those abs back.

Let's take a look at Enrique Gil BEFORE

These photos were from his and Liza's previous teleserye, Forevermore
(October 27, 2014 – May 22, 2015)

Liza Soberano Enrique Gil Forevermore

Whether he's donning a corporate attire, looking smart like a college scholar or is simply in a casual outfit, he is undoubtedly a very pleasant sight onscreen.

Enrique Gil wearing corporate attire

Enrique Gil scholarly look

Enrique Gil casual look

But when he went topless in one of the episodes of Forevermore, the girls (and gays) went gaga over that basketball scene.

Enrique Gil topless Forevermore basketball scene

Photos courtesy of

This Folded & Hung photo was taken sometime in April 2015, when Enrique was still doing Forevermore.

Enrique Gil topless Folded & Hung

Going further back in time, these photos show Enrique's well-toned physique.

Enrique Gil in Folded & Hung Dare Me To Denim Campaign 2012
Enrique Gil hot in Folded & Hung Dare Me to Denim

Enrique at Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011

Now, Enrique Gil AFTER

Photos taken from Dolce Amore

Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano in a scene from Dolce Amore

Enrique Gil in a scene from Dolce Amore with secretary Connie

Enrique Gil in a scene from Dolce Amore with Edgar Mortiz and Kulot

Enrique Gil topless in Dolce Amore

Enrique Gil topless in Dolce Amore

Photos courtesy of:
instagram / misspenggay
folded and hung

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