Tuesday, August 9, 2016

LOOK: Photos of Jovit Baldivino & Shara Chavez' Baby Akeya

Jovit Baldivino's girlfriend Shara Chavez posted a new photo of Baby Akeya on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. It's always refreshing to look at baby photos, so here are Baby Akeya's latest pics.

Shara and cute Baby Akeya sleeping

Shara Chavez with Baby Akeya sleeping

Baby Akeya in her crib

Jovit Baldivino's daughter Baby Akeya in her crib

Daddy Jovit Baldivino, Mommy Shara and Baby Akeya

when they were still at the hospital, with Shara's Ob-gyn
Jovit Baldivino, Shara Chavez, Baby Akeya, Ob-gyn Dra. Helen Comia

Shara gave birth to her and Jovit Baldivino's baby last July 29 2016.

Jovit Baldivino's girlfriend Shara Chavez with their baby
All photos courtesy of Shara Chavez

Just a few days ago, Jovit made a shocking revelation when he said that Baby Akeya is not actually his first child. He said he already has a 4 year old daughter named Zody from ex-girlfriend Laurice Khaye Bermillo, who is now based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Laurice was a former contestant of "Star Power" and they met when they did a duet on the same show.

WATCH: Jovit Baldivino's duet with former girlfriend Laurice Bermillo

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