I am Jatamari, a simple Filipino blogger, wife and mother. My world is my family, our little town in one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, the small screen (a.k.a. television) and the world wide web.

So, if I am living a very simple life in a seemingly boring world, what can you expect to find in this blog? Well, I hope to be able to write about a lot of things that most Filipinos are interested in - like the latest news, trending topics, showbiz (I'm sure that would be quite interesting, right?), popular TV shows, the latest movies, celebrity scandals (? hmm... I hope there won't be any of that, which I'd need to write about) and so many more.

Again, how can I write about all those things if I am confined to this tiny nook in our humble little abode within a world that is not so big? Haven't I mentioned my world includes the world wide web? That should be big enough, don't you think? I'll tell you a secret. I'm quite good at researching and very passionate at giving information. I hope to be able to make good use of those two qualities to fill up this blog with very helpful information to keep my readers updated.

Since a big part of my world is my family, I might also be writing about parenting and marriage. I am also someone who believes strongly in God's love, so every now and then, my faith and religious views would surface. Through this, I wish I can somehow inspire people and spread His love to my readers. My love for music will also become evident as I try to feature popular songs, music videos and theme songs from the latest teleseryes or movies.

Woah ... so many things to write, so little time. Yes, time has always been my nemesis. I'm a stay-at-home mom but I'm over-loaded - I work (at home through writing), I do household chores (we gave up trying to get a helper) and I homeschool my son (he does not go to a regular school and I am his only teacher.)

Despite my constraints, I am optimistic that "Jatamari's World" can somehow have its own place in the world of blogging.

By the way, this is Jatamari Reboot. This is like a continuation of Jatamari's World. I have just migrated from Wordpress to Blogger. Call it practicality, frugality or cost-cutting, I realized that my previous web hosting provider (which I was very satisfied with), was just too expensive. Anyway, it's really the content that matters.

Welcome to my world!


Jatamari.blogspot.com is now techiefashionista.com! We are evolving and slowly moving on to the world of fashion and technology. Although we are still featuring popular celebrities and showbiz personalities, you will notice that we will be more focused in discussing trends in these two particular topics on our future posts.

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